Our story is a bit of a whirlwind! Both of us were always drawn to photography and videography, but we ended up going to school for different degrees and starting career paths in other fields. Then, once friends and family started asking us to shoot their weddings, we realized this is something we could do, and do together! We officially kicked off as Lewis and Co about four years ago. But let's not forget the real whirlwind – two babies and a global pandemic thrown into the mix! Despite the chaos, our passion for capturing love stories has only grown stronger. Each wedding feels like a new adventure, and we're so grateful to be along for the ride.

Our Story

Our approach is all about keeping it real and making sure every moment feels genuine and authentic– we want to capture the real emotions and raw moments that make your day unique. Think of us as your personal documentarians, with a touch of editorial flair. Whether it's a tearful exchange of vows or spontaneous laughter, we're there to capture it all. We blend storytelling with creativity, infusing each shot through our own unique lens. And most importantly, we're here to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process - that's when the magic truly unfolds.

Our Philosophy

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Our core values

Step into a process where artistry meets connection. From the moment you book us, we hope to feel like friends with cameras. On your wedding day, we will capture every moment through our approach, ranging from effortless documentary to a more polished editorial. Combined with our timeless editing style, your love story becomes a cherished work of art.

The Experience

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We're both foodies, but Gary's the chef extraordinaire in our household. Meanwhile, Whitney's culinary skills are.. a work in progress. but she's a pro at finding the best new places to eat. Together, we're on a delicious journey!

We have a shared love of travel and are grateful for more opportunities to see the world since starting this business than we ever had before-. We have shot weddings and elopements across Canada, in New York, Washington, Texas, Italy, England, and Mexico! 

Gary finds solace in spending time in the great outdoors chasing fish on the fly or in a completely different world playing video games. Meanwhile, Whitney's a podcast and documentary aficionado,  as well as a self proclaimed coffee addict and swiftie. 

We're proud Canadians who also both hold dual citizenship. Gary was born in Dubai and has roots in the Philippines, while Whitney's got ties to the States. We bring a little bit of international flair to our Canadian adventures!

Our daily routine involves all things unicorns and mermaids, endless snack requests, bluey, and all the giggles in between as parents of two beautiful girls– aged 3 and 4. Life may be hectic, but they inspire us endlessly!

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It's about more than photographs and videos – it's about preserving memories that evoke the same emotions and joy felt on that special day through art. We strive to build relationships with our clients based on trust and genuine connection, ensuring that their moments are captured with care, leaving them with tangible reminders of their love story.

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